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About Us

Belinda Cunningham: Co-Founder/Owner
Belinda has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for 10+ years.
Her love of fitness and healthy lifestyle brought her to sharing it with others.

Being sick of fluffy, generalised information that was taking her nowhere with her own goals. She trained to be a personal trainer, and then decided to join the industry. Now helping others by sharing beneficial knowledge, that gives customised results specifically for each person, not a one size fits all approach.

Belinda trains with the 360 Fit method, has a lot of variety in her sessions and is very open minded to new techniques by updating herself with the latest education, by annually traveling interstate, overseas, wherever it takes to do so.

Belinda has a Sport and Exercise Nutrition certification, which she obtained via Precision Nutrition

Belinda is a certified level 1 FMS instructor.


Matt Rinaldi: Co-Founder/Owner
Matt is relentless when it comes to health and fitness, by being involved in it daily and sharing his knowledge with his clients during PT sessions. He uses the 360 Fit method and adds this to his diverse range of equipment and exercise library

Matt has been mentored by the best in the industry and keeps strong connections with other like minded fitness professionals.

Matt updates his skills on current exercise and nutrition education within Australia and overseas. Travelling is no obstacle, when it comes to sourcing greater knowledge to give his clients for their required results.

Matt is a certified level 2 StrongFirst Russian Kettlebell Instructor.

Matt has a Sport and Exercise Nutrition certification, which he obtained via Precision Nutrition

Matt is a certified level 1 FMS instructor.